ADK Fitness Articles Of The Week 1/21/23

published8 days ago
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Never Stop Improving


Pete Dupuis Instagram: Are you pouring energy and resources into showcasing the things that actually matter to your clients?

Really good post on what matters to customers. We as consumers don't always care about all the toys, certs, or backgrounds our service providers. We care about good and GREAT experiences.

Alloy Podcast: Exercise and Fitness Truths with Alan Aragon

Really good on a few common myths in fitness work. Alan does a ton of research on all things fitness. I might join his paid research based newsletter after listening to this podcast.

“Nutrition: Don’t eat too much but make sure you get enough protein. Exercise: Don't do too much but make sure there's resistance training in there.”

Parallel, Staggered, and Split-Stance Explained - Robertson Training Systems

Good review of foot positions and when to use them. This is a great way to plus or minus exercises you are doing with your clients. Sometimes your client can't do a 1 leg deadlift. But can they do a split deadlift? Right person in the right position

5-Reps: Life Tetris, doing the work, and nobody cares about good habits

Really good 5 reps from Jon Goodman.

Your client doesn’t need your advanced knowledge. Odds are they already know what they should be doing.”

“They aren’t looking for a habits coach. They want to fit back into that dress.”

MYZONE How to embrace 2023's fitness trends the right way

Short read and a few things to think about. Wearables are becoming more popular. If you don't use them I think you might be missing out on ways to influence clients behavior.

The second point on Training efficiencies and people wanting short workouts or “snacks” is easily delivered through the app.



Good convo with Erica and a registered dietician. Its scary to think how much performance is lost due not eating enough calories and low protein consumption. Good one to share with parents.