ADK Fitness Articles Of The Week 1/14/23

published15 days ago
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Good MorningReader!

I hope you are having a great weekend.

Couple events that are coming up to check out.

MBSC Spring Seminar- April 1 and 2. This is a really good one. I been that last couple years and plan to go again this year.

Perform Better Boston- March 18th. Another good one to go to. Staff we typically get this one for free or at a significant discount. I will reach out to Conrad this week to see what our offer is.

Enjoy the content below. Let me know if you come across anything good to share with the group.

Great a great day.


Never Stop Improving


Mark Fisher: The Way You Train Is The Way You Live

Good forward to training clients. Kinda touches on the Boyles training buckets analogy but also includes effort or lack thereof.

Instagram Alywn Cosgrove: The Fat loss Spell Check

Good instagram Post from Alywn Cosgrove on the “NEAT Conundrum.” Basically when someone ramps up their exercise they tend to reduce their non-exercise activity thus resulting in less bw change.

Breaking News: Creatine Deficiency is Real - Supplements and Nutrition - Forums - T Nation

MORE Creatine info to check out. It seems like it's everywhere now. Good research backing its use in males and females. Simple loading instructions (5g a day whenever). Super safe. Like i mentioned

Washington Post: Joined a gym? These 6 exercises, once a week, will make you stronger.

Another great share from Dick Kara’s. STRENGTH TRAINING FOR THE WIN! This is such a simple program and proved to work.

f”ewer than a third of American adults say they regularly complete strength training at least two days a week,”

“During the first year of lifting, most people’s strength grew by about 30 to 50 percent,”

“any amount of resistance training reduced the risk of all-cause mortality by 15% cardiovascular disease mortality by 19% , and cancer mortality by 14%. A dose–response meta-analysis of 4 studies suggested a nonlinear relationship between resistance training and the risk of all-cause mortality. A maximum risk reduction of 27% was observed at around 60 minutes per week of resistance training . Mortality risk reductions diminished at higher volumes.”


Feed the Cats for Hockey – Developing a Fast, Properly Conditioned Team

Another must read for performance coaches. So many times coaches run the speed out of their athletes. I highly suggest searching for Tony Hollers Feed the cats article. Tony and Mikes philosophy on this has changed how i think about training and conditioning athletes.

“Remember, hockey coaches love to recruit

fast players and then skate them to a SLOW death”