5 Mindset Tips To Improve Your Training

published13 days ago
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Good Evening,

I hope you had a good weekend.

We will have training tomorrow (1/16/23) as schedule in the afternoon.

We have big news in our performance training department. We have hired an new coach. As you know we do not hire quickly and the process to get hired requires few different hoops to jump through.

We are super excited to bring on Kendra Graham on to the team. She has her Master’s Degree in Kinesiology with a Biomechanics specialization from the University of Rhode Island, and her BS in Exercise Science also from the University of Rhode Island.

Kendra has a specialization in shoulder injury detection, rehabilitation and prevention from her experiences working with semi-professional, professional and amateur baseball players at a biomechanics facility in Pennsylvania and her research with swimmers in the biomechanics lab at URI.

She was a Division 1 swimmer at URI and has experience coaching swimmers at all levels. Kendra has been training athletes of all ages for over 6 years in the weight room and enjoys helping them achieve their goals.

We are excited to have her join our team and help push our programming to the next level. She is taking private youth and adult clients on.

If you would like to get your athlete in (or yourself) to work with her. You can reply back to this email or email Kendra directly at kgrahman@adirondackclub.com.

Let us know if you or your athlete needs anything. Have a great week!


5 Mindset Tips To Improve Your Training

The mind is a powerful weapon. Being mindful in every session is part of the training process and needs to be practiced like anything else. Here are 5 tips to think about to help you along your performance journey

Have a positive attitude every session:

Sometimes you just need to think differently because your mind is a powerful tool. Sometimes workouts and practices can get really hard and doubt can begin to creep in. That doubt is a rabbit hole that could lead to bad performance outcomes because negative thoughts are attached to emotions.

Control every session:

YOU are in complete control of how you apply your effort and energy towards each workout session, practice, or game. You have to want it. If you’re training consistently you’re making progress and motivation comes from seeing the small gains and the small wins that come with each session. It all starts with wanting to be your best and give 100% to each session

Process over pressure:

No single training session matters that much. It’s consistency over time, avoiding injuries, and ENJOYING the process that leads to the best results. Don’t stress about every single training session. You will take the pressure off you and you will perform better than ever. Keep showing up and putting in the work.

Don’t fear failure:

The word F.A.I.L could actually stand for first attempt in learning. Every failure is a learning opportunity to improve. Don’t lose perspective. Any sport, after all, is just a game. You’re most likely so scared of not performing well and living up to people's expectations ( however real or imagined ). Let go of your fear and let your courage shine brighter than the sun.

Embrace your support team:

Don’t be a lone wolf. You cannot be self taught in every aspect of the sport or training. Use the knowledge of your sport coaches, strength and conditioning coaches , and your teammates. There is no “ I “ in the team. Ask questions and lean on them for support.